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Wabash modeling

Modeling the Wabash Railroad (or Railway, in the early years) can take on many aspects:

  • Trains: Passenger, mainline freights, locals
  • Buildings: Depots, facilities, customers
  • Paperwork: Waybills, clearance forms
  • Decals: Mark Vaughan (Des Plaines Hobbies), Microscale, Champ, Speedwitch Media

Passenger trains

The best source of passenger train information is a public timetable, which can be found at swap meets or on eBay under "collectibles." These timetables provide information on what types of cars were in the train – coach, sleeper, dome, cafe, diner, lounge.

  • Wabash Cannon Ball (#1, #4), Detroit Limited (#2), St. Louis Limited (#3): St. Louis-Detroit, with a connection to Toledo (at Fort Wayne)
  • Blue Bird (#21, #24), Banner Blue (#10, #11), The Midnight (#17, #18): St. Louis-Detroit
  • City of Kansas City (#3, #12), Midnight Limited (#17, #18): St. Louis-Kansas City, with a connection to Columbia, Mo.
  • City of St. Louis (#9, #10): St. Louis-Denver-Salt Lake City-Los Angeles-San Francisco-Portland-Seattle

There were also trains between Forrest and Streator (IL), Gary (IN) and Montpelier (OH), and commuter operations out of Chicago. The steam era used classes J (4-6-2) and P (4-6-4). The diesels were E7, E8, PA1, GP7.
Kit vendors:

Ready-to-run Wabash steam and diesel locomotives

Model manufacturer Locomotive manufacturer Locomotive class Scale
Proto 2000 ALCo PA1 HO
Lionel ALCo PA1 O
Genesis/Athearn USRA Light K- HO
Sunset Models (brass) 2-10-2 L-1 HO
Stewart Hobbies Baldwin S-12 HO
Stewart Hobbies Baldwin VO 660 HO
Stewart Hobbies Baldwin VO 1000 HO
Proto 2000 EMD SW9 HO
Hallmark 0-6-0 B-7 HO
Lionel 4-6-2 J-1 O
Hallmark 4-6-4 P-1 HO
Hallmark 4-8-2 M-1 HO
Hallmark 4-8-4 O-1 HO
Alco models Lima LS-1200 HO
Atlas EMD GP7 HO
Proto 2000 EMD GP7 HO
Stewart Hobbies GE U25B HO
Atlas GE U25B N
Atlas ALCo C424 HO
Genesis, Stewart Hobbies EMD F7 HO
Walthers FM H10-44 HO
Athearn, Division Point FM H-24-66 HO
Information on freight trains can be found at Wabash Employee Time Tables, swap meets and eBay.
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HO structures: