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Wabash discussion group

WRHS maintains a discussion group sponsored by Yahoo! Groups. The group's name is "wabashrailroadhistoricalsoc".

To join or subscribe via the Yahoo! Groups website:

To subscribe via email:
  • Send a blank email to
  • You will receive a subscription confirmation email and your subscription will be complete.
  • If you received an email invitation to join the group, simple reply to the message or click on the link provided to join via the Yahoo! Groups website.

You can post messages to the group on the Yahoo! Groups page or via email.

  • To post via email: In your email client, open a new message and address it to You can only post from the email address registered with Yahoo! Groups. If you misspell the email address or attempt to send a message from an account other than the one you joined under, it will not be delivered. If you receive a failure notice, check your email addresses and try again.
  • To post via the Yahoo! Groups page: After you have signed in, go to "post" on the group homepage, then write and submit your message. Yahoo! Groups restricts messages to 1 MB in size to prevent abuse.