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Annual meeting

For more than 30 years, the Society has sponsored an Annual Meeting at various locations in former Wabash Railroad territory. At our meetings, WRHS members gather to catch up on old times, discuss Wabash history, hear guest speakers, show off their modeling prowess and share a meal together. Occasionally, the annual meeting is held jointly with other railroad preservation societies (TRRA, MoPac, Ann Arbor, etc.).

The "George C. Drake, Sr. Award" is given to a WRHS member annually at the dinner meeting. A comprehensive listing of the winners, and a photo of the plaque they are awarded, is being compiled and will be listed here in the future.

Future Annual Meetings:

2019 Annual Meeting: 
At this time, the tentative meeting location will be somewhere in the Chicagoland area. This will be the first time since 1996 that the meeting is set to be held in this important Wabash-served city. The event is still in the early planning stages, so details are TBD.

Annual Meetings for years beyond 2020: also TBD

Locations of past Annual Meetings:

1979: Decatur, Illinois                                                        
1980: Moberly, Missouri                                                    
1981: Bellevue, Ohio (w/the Mad River & Nickel Plate Museum)
1982: St. Louis, Missouri (informal)
1983: < no meeting >
1984: Decatur, Illinois
1985: < unknown >
1986: St. Louis, Missouri
1987: < no meeting >
1988: Danville, Illinois (w/the C&EI Society)
1989: St. Louis, Missouri
1990: Monticello, Illinois
1991: Milan, Michigan (w/the Ann Arbor Society)
1992: Monticello, Illinois
1993: Monticello, Illinois
1994: Toledo, Ohio (w/the Ann Arbor Society)
1995: Monticello, Illinois
1996: Chicago, Illinois
1997: St. Louis, Missouri (w/the TRRA Society)
1998: Monticello, Illinois
1999: Moravia, Iowa
2000: Moberly, Missouri
2001: Lafayette, Indiana
2002: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
2003: Springfield, Illinois (w/the GM&O Society)
2004: Decatur, Illinois
2005: Moberly, Missouri
2006: Archbold, Ohio
2007: St. Louis, Missouri (w/the MoPac Society)
2008: Quincy, Illinois
2009: Decatur, Illinois
2010: Ottumwa, Iowa
2011: Montpelier, Ohio
2012: Columbia, Missouri
2013: Jacksonville, Illinois
2014: Excelsior Springs, Missouri
2015: Decatur, Illinois
2016: Moberly, Missouri
2017: Bellevue, Ohio
2018: Ottumwa, Iowa
2019: Chicago (tentative)
2020: TBD