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A bit about us

The Wabash Railroad Historical Society is a registered not-for-profit, IRS tax-exempt organization, incorporated in the State of Missouri.

Our Mission is three-fold:

  • To preserve the historical materials of railway transportation regarding the former Wabash Railroad Company, its predecessors & affiliates — including the Ann Arbor and Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad Companies (until 1963), the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad Company, and the Lake Erie and Ft. Wayne Railroad Company, and successors;
  • To collect data on the history and operation of the Wabash Railroad Company and to issue publications relating to this subject; and
  • To maintain an association of persons interested in the former Wabash Railroad.                                                                                            
The WRHS was established in 1975 and incorporated in the State of Missouri in 1989.

Joining the WRHS:

Please click on this link to join the Society: WRHS Membership Application Form

A guide to our website:

More information about us, including what you can expect from an annual membership, can be found by clicking "About WRHS" on the navigation bar. Subcategories will take you to our Board of Directors listing, a description of our Society's publications (including a direct link to a listing of our back-issues for sale) and descriptions of materials for sale in our Company Store.

For a condensed history of our favorite railroad, make sure to click "About the Wabash Railroad" on the navigation bar. Sub-categories will take you to a map of the Wabash system, a comprehensive list of Wabash steam & diesel locomotives, and historical photographs of various Wabash subjects.

The "WRHS News" category is a blog which informs viewers what's been happening with the Society.

The "Outside Resources" category is a frequently-updated list of links regarding the Wabash Railroad and its predecessors.

We hope you enjoy our website, and remember to "Follow The Flag"!

The Administrators 


The Extra Board Vol 11, No 1, Winter/Spring 2006

Modeling Corner

  • An HO-Scale model representing ART cars with square-corner ends is currently in work as a joint project with the MPHS and Amarillo Railroad Museum. They have approved test shots of the car body having horizontal riveted  seams that have been specially tooled as an exclusive project for the MPHS and  ARM. They are now in the approval process of the artwork and we hope to begin production in the near future. The ARM will take orders an distribute the models when they become available. The as-built scheme will be offered as assembled models and as decorated kits. Other paint and letterings schemes used by ART during post-1948 period will be offered as assembled models later on. These models will represent 450 prototype cars assigned to series 24000-24449 and built from late 1939 to early 1945. Keep an eye on the following website:
  • Atlas O

    has announced an O Scale 40' Plug Door Box Car in their Trainman Series, which will be painted for the American Refrigerator Transit Co. The retail price for the 3-rail version (kit #0531) is $39.95, and for the 2-rail version (kit #0581) it is $42.95.  The reporting marks and road number on the car will be WADX 3013