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A bit about us

The Wabash Railroad Historical Society is a not-for-profit, IRS tax-exempt organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of historical artifacts, data, photos and drawings on the history, operation and equipment of the Wabash Railroad Company, its predecessors and affiliates — including the Ann Arbor Railroad Company (until 1963); the New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois Railroad Company; the Lake Erie and Ft. Wayne Railroad Company; and the Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad Company. The society was established in 1975 and incorporated in the state of Missouri in 1989.
The WRHS also owns two restored cabooses, Wabash #2834 and #2824, which reside at the Monticello Railway Museum. We regularly schedule caboose work-sessions in April.
If you are interested in learning more about the Wabash Railroad, or would like to share your Wabash knowledge with the society and help preserve the memory of this great railroad, you are encouraged to become a member. If you wish to make a donation of Wabash historical artifacts, please contact any board member.
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