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About WRHS


We communicate with our members through two publications. The Banner is a high-quality publication that contains feature-length articles and photographs. It is published once or twice each year, depending on the number of articles on-hand to print. While articles in The Banner vary greatly in subject matter, they all pertain to the Wabash Railroad or its affiliates. Past article subjects have included passenger trains, coaling on the Wabash, interlocking towers, branch lines, locomotive diagrams and cabooses. Our second publication, The Wabash Modeler, contains just what the name implies: modeling stories and information, including both color and black/white photos. While we strive to adhere to our publication schedule, because we are an all-volunteer organization we occasionally get behind. However, you will ultimately receive all publications for the year in which you joined.
Supplementing The Banner and The Wabash Modeler each year is a twelve-month Wabash Railroad pictorial calendar that is usually published and mailed in the fourth quarter of each membership year. WRHS also sponsors an annual meeting, usually in September or October, at a location somewhere in the former Wabash Railroad territory. Members gather to discuss Wabash history, listen to guest speakers, show off their modeling prowess and share a meal. Past meeting shave been held in Chicago, St. Louis, Ottumwa (IA), Milan (MI), Ft. Wayne (IN) and Toledo (OH). On occasion, our annual meeting is held jointly with other railroad preservation societies.
WRHS has a board of director consisting of 12 elected members who serve four-year terms. In addition, there are editors who oversee production of The Banner and The Wabash Modeler. All correspondence typically goes through the secretary, including dues renewals and address updates. Membership dues are $25/year for regular membership or $30/year for contributing membership. If you live outside the U.S. or Canada, dues are $35/year (to help cover the cost of international postage). Our membership year runs Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.
To become a member, please download and complete the WRHS membership application. Submit your completed application and applicable dues (make checks payable to WRHS) to: 917 Newport Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119-2620.