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About WRHS

One way we communicate with our members is through our publications. The Banner is a high-quality publication which contains feature-length articles and images. While articles in The Banner vary greatly in subject matter, they all pertain to the Wabash Railroad or its affiliates. Our second publication, The Wabash Modeler, contains modeling stories and info, including both color and B&W photos of the models and their actual prototypes. While we strive to adhere to our publication schedule, because we are an all-volunteer organization we occasionally get behind. However, you will ultimately receive all publications for the year in which you joined.

Supplementing The Banner and The Wabash Modeler each year is a twelve-month Wabash Railroad pictorial calendar (for the following year) that is usually published and mailed in the fourth quarter of each membership year.

For more information about our publications, please click "Publications" under the "About WRHS" tab.

In accordance with our By-Laws, Local Chapters (hereafter known as District Chapters) may be established by any group of five (5) or more regular members in good standing, with the approval of the Board of Directors. The function of such District Chapters will be educational & informational, as well as social. District Chapters may use the WRHS name, so long as said local District Chapters adhere to the principles & objectives of the WRHS. District Chapters, or the individuals operating such chapters, shall be entirely responsible for all financial obligations and arrangements connected with the establishment & operations of such chapters. No District Chapter may function or be formed within fifty (50) miles of an existing District Chapter, per our By-Laws.

If you would like to view our Constitution & By-Laws, please go here.

The Society owns two genuine Wabash cabooses, #2824 and #2834, which reside at the Monticello Railway Museum in Illinois. Work-sessions are regularly scheduled every April in order to keep the cabooses maintained in operating condition.

The WRHS also sponsors an annual meeting, usually in September or October, at a location somewhere in the former Wabash Railroad territory. Members gather to discuss Wabash history, listen to guest speakers, show off their modeling prowess and share a meal. Past meetings have been held in Chicago, St. Louis, Ottumwa (IA), Milan (MI), Ft. Wayne (IN) and Toledo (OH). On occasion, our annual meeting is held jointly with other railroad preservation societies.

The WRHS has a board of directors consisting of 12 elected members who serve four-year terms. In addition, we have editors who oversee production of our publications, webmasters and site adminstrators for our electronic media sites, and a custodian whose responsibility is to maintain the two WRHS cabooses at the Monticello Ry. Museum in Illinois. 

All correspondence typically goes through the Treasurer, including dues renewals and address updates.

The Society has a strong presence on the Internet. We maintain our own Facebook page, YouTube channel and Yahoo! Group. Time-sensitive information (such as annual meeting announcements, caboose work session dates, etc.) can be shared quickly and easily through social media, and our Facebook page is a testament to that! Lots of interesting Wabash stuff can be found there. The purpose of our YouTube channel is to display videos from annual meetings, footage from our rare-mileage train rides, and anything else of pertinent interest to the viewing public. And our Yahoo! Group is a great place to get your questions about the Wabash answered, especially queries about modeling issues. After you've joined the Group, make sure to search prior Conversations to see if your questions might have already been asked & answered!

Direct links to these sites can be found at the bottom of each page.


Ready to become a member of the Society? Dues are $25/year for a Regular Membership or $30/year for a Contributing Membership. If you live in Canada or outside North America, dues are $35/year (to help cover the cost of international postage). Our membership year runs Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

To become a member, please download and fully complete the WRHS membership application. Submit your completed application and applicable dues (make sure you indicate for what membership year(s) you want to join) to: 917 Newport Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119-2620. Make checks payable to the WRHS.

Thanks, and Follow the Flag!