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Being a bridge route, Wabash had lots of interchange with (>60 per day):

Rails-To-Trails - former Wabash lines (new listings added Sept. 2014)

  • Wabash Cannonball Trail runs on abandoned 1st & 5th Dist. roadbed in Ohio
  • Wabash Trace Nature Trail runs on abandoned 19th Dist. roadbed in Iowa
  • Ted Jones Trail runs on 2.2 miles of abandoned "Union Depot" line, from Ferguson, Missouri down to the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus
  • Wauponsee Glacial Trail - runs on 22 miles of abandoned 6th Dist. roadbed between Custer Park and Manhattan, Illinois
  • Wapello County Trails - Approx. 1.75 miles of trail running on abandoned 16th Dist. roadbed in Ottumwa, Iowa.
  • River Bluff Trail - 2.4 mile trail on the old Eel River RR (W.St.L&P. lessee) roadbed in Logansport, Indiana
  • Eel River Trail - also being built upon the old Eel River RR roadbed

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