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Board of directors

WRHS Board of Directors and officers

The WRHS Board of Directors is elected by its members and each director serves a two-year term. Every member in good standing is eligible to vote and hold an office.

One of the attractions of serving on the WRHS Board is that sometimes you get to go places and do things that others can't. The photo at right shows the observation deck & parlor of Wabash Railroad business car #6, stored at the Monticello Ry. Museum. The WRHS Board has often held its meetings in this car: either here in the parlor, or in the cars' luxuriously-outfitted dining room.

The current WRHS Board of Directors officially took office in January 2017, and will serve until January 2019.

Board of Directors for the current term of office (note: you need a 3rd-party email program to open these email addresses)

  • President
    Michael Johns               
  • Vice-President
    Mark Vaughan       
  • Executive secretary
    Robert McNeill   
  • Treasurer
    James Holzmeier /
  • Directors
    Rob Adams VACANT AS OF 1-1-18
    John Bordner (email)
    Ben Colley (email)
    Randy Rippy (email)
    Gary Roe (email)
    Allen Rueter (email)
    Louis Eagle Quint (email) 
  • Past President

Special Assignments/Committees
  • WRHS Publications Editor
    VACANT AS OF 1-1-18 
  • WRHS Librarian/Historian/General Storekeeper/Archivist
    Gary Roe                                                                                                                                        6127 Old Columbus Rd.                                                                                                      Quincy, IL 62305-8690
  • WRHS Traveling Storekeepers
    Larry Van Houten 
    Robert McNeill
    Aubrey Van Houten
  • WRHS Social Media Administrators:
    • Website
      Allen Rueter
      James Holzmeier
    • Facebook
      Robert McNeill
      James Holzmeier
    • Yahoo! Group 
      Jim Holmes (email)
      Randy Rippy
    • YouTube Channel
      Allen Rueter
      James Holzmeier
    • Twitter feed
      James Holzmeier
    • Instagram
      James Holzmeier
  • WRHS Document & Image Digitalization Committee
    Ben Colley (chair)
    John Bordner
    James Holzmeier
    David Huelsing (President & Archivist; St. Louis Chapter, NRHS)
    Michael Johns
    Robert McNeill
    Gary Roe
  • VACANT SEAT AS OF 1-1-18