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Publications index

The Cannonball (1975-77)

B&W reprint 4/75 Introductory newsletter
B&W reprint 5/75 Magazine article references for certain Wabash cars
B&W reprint 6/75 Pullman heavyweight passenger car data list
B&W reprint 7-8/75 Freight car number series with modeling manufacturer; passenger car consists
B&W reprint 9/75 Light & heavyweight passenger car data
B&W reprint 10/75 City of St. Louis consist information
B&W reprint 11/75 Modeling magazine article references for steam engines #714, 700, 573, 675
B&W reprint 12/75 Model news; caboose, hoppers and passenger cars
B&W reprint 1/76 Modeling information for rolling stock
B&W reprint 2/76 E8 diesel information
B&W reprint 3/76 ART modeling information
B&W reprint 4/76 Model news; 1940 & 1950 box cars
B&W reprint 5/76 Box car information; dwgs: locomotives class C1 and C3
B&W reprint 6/76
Wabash steam photo news, model news; dwgs: locomotives class C4 0-6-0 #1545-1569, class E4 4-4-2 #602
B&W reprint 7-8/76
Wabash memorabilia pieces; dwgs: locomotives class B7 0-6-0 #525-554, class B7 0-6-0 #555-556
B&W reprint 9-10/76 Model news; dwgs: locomotives class F7 2-6-0 #817, 848, 859 and class G1 2-6-0 #2064, 2067, 2069, 2073-2075, 2081, 2087
B&W reprint 11-12/76
Model news; dwgs: locomotives class I2 2-8-0 #2150, 2153, 2155, 2160 and class J1 4-6-2 #674
B&W reprint 12/76 Wabash streamlined passenger cars on the Blue Bird and Banner Blue
B&W reprint 1-2/77
Model news, photo news; timetable date: April 1945 Kansas City to St. Louis, Centralia to Columbia; dwgs: locomotives class M1 4-8-2 #2800-2824 and class O1 4-8-4 #2900-2924
B&W reprint 3-4/77 Model news, disbursement of select passenger cars; locomotive L1 2-10-2 news
B&W reprint 5-6/77 Model news

If you see the words B&W reprint above the image, it means that while the original issue is either Sold Out or Out Of Print, a reprint is available from the General Storekeeper. Send him an Email and he will get back in touch with you regarding the price(s) for any reprints.  Please note that although our back issues are scanned at 300dpi, this is no guarantee that the quality of images, maps, etc. will be equal to or greater than the ones in the original publication. However, the data contained in the issue remains unaffected. 

If a particular issue has no wording above the image, it is still available as an original, complete back issue from the WRHS Store. 

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The Wabash Flag (1978-83)

B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 1 (Jan. 1978)
Where are they now: passenger cars City of Decatur and City of Lafayette; locomotives 2-6-0 #573 and 0-6-0 #534; Who’s who in WRHS: John Nixon
B&W reprint

Vol. 1, No. 2 (Feb. 1978)
WRHS news; model news; want ads; Who’s who in WRHS: Kirk Reynolds, David Righter
B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 3 (March 1978)
Railroad and member news; Wabash photo catalog planned; list of existing Wabash passenger equipment; model news; Who’s who in WRHS: Gary Roe, Mike Galligan, Jim Kelly
B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 4 (April 1978)
Editor’s comments; more existing Wabash passenger cars; those GP-35s and C-424s; 1901 wreck in Seneca, MI; model news; Who’s who in WRHS: J. David Ingles, Tony Wasson
B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 5 (May-June 1978)
Editor’s column; sources of Wabash photos; diesels and cars; list of Wabash ex-B&M cars; Wabash stations
B&W reprint

Vol. 1, No. 6 (July-Aug. 1978)
Editor’s column; car sightings; steam locomotives; Forrest, IL in 1940s; modeler’s page; magazine scale drawing list for Wabash locomotives; Wabash stations; passenger car news; ex-Wabash diesels comments from fans and employees; photos: 2-8-2 #2443, 2462, 2432, 2453 and 2-10-2 #2507, 2523; GP7 #474; two ex-Wabash coaches; Who’s who in WRHS: Don Williams, James East
B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 7 (Sept.-Oct. 1978)
Paint mixing for model colors; Wabash history; locomotives; Wabash steam in Ontario; photos: 2-6-0 #1870, 4-4-2 #606, PA-1 #1020, F7 #706
B&W reprint Vol. 1, No. 8 (Nov.-Dec. 1978)
Editor’s column; some Wabash history; the wreck of #483; photos: 4-6-4 #207, baggage RPO #452, C-242 #B905, 0-6-0 #557; modeler’s section
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1979)
Steam locomotive roster; Wabash news; MOW water car #3158; photos: Blue Bird observation dome #1601, PA-2 #1052 and E8A #1000, bus. car #100, chair car #1237, Ann Arbor cabooses 2882 and 2827, covered hopper 30314, Bluffs depot in 1978
B&W reprint Vol. 2, No. 2 (March-April 1979)
The Jersey Line (NJI&I); modeler’s news; photos: NJI&I diesel switcher #1, 2-6-0 #3 and Pullman’s observation “Olivette,” 4-4-0 #5 and combine, caboose 203, Indiana Northern diesel switcher #100, Wabash 2-6-0, Wabash 2-8-0
B&W reprint Vol. 2, No. 3 (May-June 1979)
Continuation of NJI&I article with map; photos: NJI&I caboose #2, Wabash SW1200 #376, 4-8-4 #2800, 2-6-0 #817; details for first WRHS annual meeting
B&W reprint Vol. 2, No. 4 (July-Aug. 1979)
Troop sleepers roster; Bluff-Keokuk line abandonment; diesel roster, MOW kitchen/diner #5667; models; photos: 4-6-2 #691, MOW kitchen//diner 5667, F7A #1163, Wabash HO models
B&W reprint Vol. 2, No. 5 (Sept.-Oct. 1979)
Caboose #2830 new; principal functions of manifest freights; WRHS annual meeting 1979; modeler’s section; photos: 4-8-4 #2922, 4-6-0 #107, caboose 2830, hopper 36169, RPO 179, Mo. depots: Moberly, Columbia and Mexico
B&W reprint Vol. 2, No. 6 (Nov.-Dec. 1979)
Principal functions of manifest freights (cont.), restoration of F7 #671 (nee #1162), caboose 2830; photos: 4-6-4 #704 and #705, 2-10-2 #2515; Alco HH660 #100, cabooses #2601 and #2438
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1980)
Passenger train consists 7/1/58; caboose information for #2830-#2849 and Ann Arbor 2830-2839, F-M Train Masters; photos: 4-6-2 #675, café-lounge 1568, caboose 2783, AA caboose 2830 (M&LS 8), F-M Train Masters $550, #556, #594, TM-1 and TM-2
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 2 (March-April 1980)
Repainted F7 #671; passenger train consists continued; photos: 2-8-2 #2267, F7 #671, mail cars E8A #1009, 0-8-0 #1535, #1555
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 3 (May-June 1980)
Station status; modeler’s section; dedication of F7 #671, trip report; photos: F7 #671 restored, 4-8-2 #2810, wooden caboose 1940s, F7A #1158 (663), 2-6-0 #859, depots: Litchfield, Ill., Fort Wayne, Ind.
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 4 (July-Aug. 1980)
1916 and 1942 timetables; Times Worth Remembering by Wes Stead (Springfield Division); photos: 4-6-2 #675, 2-8-2 #2742, 2-6-0 #841, Wabash model TM #550, 4-4-0 #412, caboose DT&I #125 (ex-AA #2833)
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 5 (Sept.-Oct. 1980)
Annual meeting No. 2; from the Cannonball; model info: caboose models #2700-#2769 from Athearn kit; photos: 4-6-2 #670, members, caboose models #2769 and #2722, 4-4-2 #603, Moberly Yard
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 6 (Nov.-Dec. 1980)
Wabash diesels; caboose #2722, 65’; gondola kitbash; dry transfers for Wabash models; photos: F9 #630, 0-6-0 #513, #546, 4-6-0 #644, Wabash model box cars, 65’ gondola #12333, Wauseon (Ohio) depot
B&W reprint Vol. 4, No. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1981)
News; eastern extremity of Wabash RR; building the Blue Bird in HO scale; disposition of the City of St. Louis cars; 0-6-0 Hallmark model review; More Times Worth Remembering by Wes Stead (Pittsfield, IL area); Norborne, MO.; caboose #2722; heavyweight parlor and observation cars; Columbia branch cars; gas elect #4000; 13500 series hoppers; dwgs: class B7 0-6-0 #525-554, class B7 0-6-0 #555-566; photos: 4-4-0 #412 at Griggsville, 2-6-0 #841 at Valley City, Griggsville Depot
B&W reprint Vol. 4, No. 2 (March-April 1981)
Wabash RR history – part I; Blue Bird in HO scale; dwgs: Blue Bird cars – dome, chair coach, baggage/buffet/lounge, dinner, parlor; photos: E7A #1002 and Blue Bird, model observation 1601, Amtrak inspection car #10000 (ex-PRR 1000 built by Wabash), combines #4378 and #4379, Lafayette (Ind.) freight depot
B&W reprint

Vol. 4, No. 3 (May-June 1981)
Wabash RR history – part II; running extra photos: 4-6-4 #701, autorack #474602, Wabash box car #82922 and 2-8-2 #2213, 4-4-0 #653, Baldwin VO-1000 #301
B&W reprint
Vol. 4, No. 4 (fall 1981)
Wabash in Quincy, Ill.; GP7 roster; dwgs: map of Quincy, Ill., locomotive class D15 GP7 #450-453 and #455-483; photos: Quincy depot, F7 #671, Quincy 1900s, GP7 #457, #461, GP9 #487
B&W reprint

Vol. 4, No. 5 (winter 1981)
Wabash: Reflections on a Noble RR; wreck of #1014 and #1013 in Hand, MI; plug door models; Wabash RR in Kansas City; photos: mystery photo, 0-6-0 #556, 4-4-0 #657, model GP7 #474, NW GP9 #3486 (ex-Wabash #486)
B&W reprint

Vol. 5, No. 1 (Jan.-March 1983)
City of Wabash parlor car; WRHS news; Wabash RR memories and stories; report on mini-meet; running extra; found – City of Wabash; Wabash locomotive notes; model news; Peru (Ind.) obituary; photos: City of Wabash parlor/observation car, 4-8-2 #2817, mystery box car #17047, Peru (Ind.) yards – CTC office/westbound yard/eastbound yard. Wabash GE U25B #503
B&W reprint Vol. 5, No. 2 (April-June 1983)
2-8-0s, 2-8-2s and rosters; kitbashing a K-1; dwgs: locomotive class I3 2-8-0 #2301-2330, locomotive class K1 2-8-2 #2401-2462 not inclusive; photos: 2-8-0 #2305, 2317, 2325, 2429, 2428; F7A #1141 wreck
B&W reprint Vol. 5, No. 3 (fall 1983)
2-10-2s and roster; Decatur and E. St. Louis RR; Timetable first district – Peru-Montpelier 1959; dwgs: class L1 2-10-2 #2501-2525; photos: 2-10-2 #2519, 2520, 2513, 2519, 2509, 2511, 2516, 2503, 2504, 2521; Jewell (Ohio) depot
B&W reprint

Vol. 5, No. 4 (winter 1983)
ART reefers, history and roster; more on L-1s 2-20-2s and model info; timetable second district – Peru-Tilton; photos: ART reefers 8597, etc., 2233, 2614, 8686, 17881, 28203; ART shops; covered hopper LOA 11038; 2-10-2 #2515, 4-8-4 #2812

If you see the words B&W reprint above the image, it means that while the original issue is either Sold Out or Out Of Print, a reprint is available from the General Storekeeper. Send him an Email and he will get back in touch with you regarding the price(s) for any reprints.  Please note that although our back issues are scanned at 300dpi, this is no guarantee that the quality of images, maps, etc. will be equal to or greater than the ones in the original publication. However, the data contained in the issue remains unaffected. 

If a particular issue has no wording above the image, it is still available as an original, complete back issue from the WRHS Store. 

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The Banner (1984-present)

B&W reprint

Vol. 1, No. 1 (spring 1984)
Running Extra: a multi-subject issue. The Dubious Distinction, by Mark E. Vaughan, outlines a Wabash wreck at Gibson City in 1961; a wreck involving the road's new tri-level auto racks; various locomotive photos; timetable Third District – Montpelier-Detroit; photos: FM TM #551 and 550, Wabash freight transfer ship John C. Gault, 2-8-0 #2321, E8 #1004 and 1011, 0-6-0 #565, 0-8-0 #1535, switcher #123, PA-1 #1050 and 1053, 2-6-2 #2012, Moberly shop crew in WWI on #2010, Moberly diesel shop and GP9 #489, model of 2-8-2, NJI&I box 3409, 2-6-0 #573.
B&W reprint

Vol. 1, No. 2 (fall 1984)
Wabash Caboose issue; dwgs: Wabash cabooses #2770-2848, Ann Arbor cabooses #2831-2846; photos: Wabash cabooses #2619, 02208, 02209, 02208 end view, 02213, 02230, 2042, 2075, 2319, 2520, 2536, 2542, 2604, 2619, 2640, 2650, 2667, 2711, 2716, 2737, 2778, 2801, 2841.
B&W reprint

Vol. 1, No. 3/4 (winter 1984)
Wabash Depots, by Dr. George C. Drake, Jr. and Gary Roe; drawings: Std. concrete station, std. signs: #1 station sign for building and #2 station sign for post, plan dwg. #1665 – station sign; photos: Wabash depots – Monticello (lll.), Manhattan (Ill.), Moravia (Iowa), Wakarusa (Ind.), Pattonsburg (Mo.), Effingham (Ill.), Antwerp (Ohio), Martinsburg (Mo.), Cerro Gordo (Ill.), Belleville (Mich.), Hallsville (Mo.), Essex (Ill.), Alexander (Ill.), Dawson (Ill.), Mount Sterling (Ill.), Monticello (Ill.), Griggsville (Ill.), Buffalo (Ill.), Maryville (Mo.), Barry (Ill.), Blanchard (Iowa), Elmo (Mo.), Silver City (Iowa), Malvern (Iowa), Sturgeon (Mo.), Stonington (Ill.), Morrisonville (Ill.), Carrollton (Mo.), Mount Olive (Ill.), McDowell (Ill.) with old steam passenger trains
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 1 (spring 1985)
Greenville 60' Boxcar issue; dwgs: 60’ box cars #50100-50199; photos: Wabash 60’ box #50000, #50076, #50076 end, #50051
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 2 (fall 1985)
Wabash Auto Car issue; car roster; dwgs: Wabash 40’ automobile car; photos: Wabash box cars #45326, #17021, #48499; NJI&I box cars #2086, #78070; Wabash box cars #46017, #49128, #17047; Wabash MOWs #4121, #4090; Wabash stock car #16422
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 3a (spring 1987)
Wabash F-M Train Master issue; dwgs: L-1089-6 FM Train Master #550-554A; photos: TM – #552, #550 (TM demo No. 1), #552 with an F7, #556 (553A), #592 (552), #594 and #595
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 3b (summer 1987)
Wabash 0-6-0s; early dieselization research; dwgs: class B-7 0-6-0 #525-546 not inclusive, class B-7 0-6-0 #555 and 557; photos: 0-6-0 #555, 564, 541, 548, 556, 545, 560, 539, 545; Staley 0-6-0 #6 (ex-Wabash #532)
B&W reprint

Vol. 2, No. 4 (fall 1987)
Multi-subject issue: Wabash piggy-back trailers and roster; TOFC roster; Wabash primary piggy-back connections list; Wabash cabooses for sale; Monticello (Ill.) depot moved; dwg: Landers (Ill.) TOFC yard photos: Wabash switcher #367 with piggy-back train, GP35s #540 and #541 with piggy-back train, Wabash trailer (2), Landers circus ramps with 75’ flats, TOFC flat car end view, Wabash flatbed trailer, 75’ TOFC with two 32’ trailers, open top trailer
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 1/2
Keokuk Branch, Timetable 11th Dist. Bluffs - Keokuk and 1914-15 shippers guide; dwgs: Track plan of Bluffs Engine Facility; Photos: Roundhouse with #587, 576, 569; Mixed train Bluffs roundhouse, etc., Bluffs train wreck of coal chute, Meredosia depot, 2-6-0 #596, 569, 571, 573, 573, 576; Depots at Chatton, Denver, Camp Point, Hersmann, Golden, Carthage & Versailles IL; 2-6-0 #573, 587, 576, 576, Meredosia bridge over the Illinois River with train.
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 3 (winter 1989)
Ferguson Commuter Train Operations, by Dr. Wm. D. Warren. Timetables from 1880 + 3 undated; dwgs: map Normandy - Ferguson MO, Wabash 1904 World's Fair Terminal Station, Class D30 4-4-0 77" drivers, Class D22 4-4-0 63" drivers, Class D22 4-4-0 69" drivers, Class D26 4-4-0 69" drivers, Class D27 4-4-0 69" drivers; Photos: Wabash Passenger Train on Steel Bridge, Ferguson Depot with 4-4-0 #282, 4-4-0 #273, Inglesyde commuter depot.
B&W reprint

Vol. 3, No. 4 (spring 1990)
More on Wabash Piggyback Operations, WRHS 1990 Annual Meeting, Wabash RR preservation - Topeka IN Depot, more on Wabash Keokuk branchline, Clayton, IL depot; photos: PA #806, PB, & two F-units heading a Wabash piggyback freight, Topeka IN depot with NW Geep #730, Clayton, IL depot, Wabash piggyback trailer #4009, yard tractor and Wabash TOFC trailer WABZ #252008, Landers, IL piggyback office and yard with TOFC Trailer Wabash #207, TOFC Wabash #4028 with Wabash crane, early Wabash TOFC rigging, TOFC flatbed trailer, Wabash U25 #500 front & rear view, Clayton, IL depot circa 1900 & 1908 & 1900, Clayton, IL roundhouse with Wabash steam locos #173 & #171, aerial view Wabash tracks at McDonnell-Douglas plant, St. Louis, ca. 1956.
B&W reprint

No. 17 (summer 1990)
More on Ferguson, MO: WRHS Annual Meeting, The Basement Wabash (modeling news); Hide and Tallow Reflections by R. L. Warren; Ferguson in the 1940's by Wm. Warren; Photos: 2-8-2 #2402 with freight & Wabash stock car #19147, model Caboose #2704, 2-8-2 #2402, F units #1148A and 1148B, Wabash passenger train with diesels, Wabash Steam loco at Ferguson, K-3b #2278, K-2 #2200, K-2 2-8-2 #2202, Ferguson 1940, 2-8-2 #2437 (2) & #2450, 4-6-4 #70?, E unit #1000, 4-6-2 #675, 4-6-4 #704, Katy F units at Ferguson, E unit with passenger train 1949, 4-6-4 #70?, 2-8-2 #2450 (3), 2-8-2 #2216 & 4-6-4 #70?; Timetables: St. Louis, KC, Denver & Pacific Coast 1/25/1945, St. Louis, KC, Denver, LA, SFC, Portland & Seattle, Moberly to Ferguson - 14th Dist. 9/3/1947, St. Louis to Ferguson & Ferguson to Luther - 14th Dist. 9/3/1947.
No. 18 (fall 1990)
K-4 Mikado double issue, and our first foray into publishing in color: Running Extra: WRHS Annual Meeting at Monticello, IL; The Basement Wabash; The Big Mikes: K-4 Class 2-8-2s by Chet French,K-4 Class 2-8-2 mileage info & disposition table; dwgs: Class K-4 2-8-2; Photos: 2-8-2 #2734 with circus train (color), Close up of K-4b running gear, Following 2-8-2's #2700 (2), #'s 2703, 2704, 2705 (2), 2710, 2712, 2713 (4), 2716 (2), 2718 (2), 2719 (2), 2722, 2725 (2), 2729 (2), 2731 (2), 2732, 2734, 2735 (2), 2738, 2739, 2742 (2), 2729 Tender rear view, #2601, #2259, J-2 #696 & #2738 Dbl Header, MoPac 2-8-2 #1438 & #1496
B&W reprint

No. 19
Taylorville  & Tilton: Recollections of Tilton, Illinois Yard, by James A. Tilton; Photos: Clarksdale, IL depot, Tilton Yard office, #2438 steam and #80048 box car in Indiana, Tilton Yard, Taylorville depot; Wabash RR bridge after near wash-out near Taylorville, IL, the Blue Bird southwest of Taylorville, IL at the Sangamon River bridge; Maps: Tilton Yard
B&W reprint

No. 20 (winter 1991)
The Streator Branch by Robert Fiedler; The Basement Wabash. Dwgs: GP-7 EMD class D-15, class F7, class K1, class I2; Photos: #2459 near Streator, IL; I-2 2-8-0, F-7 class mogul; Strawn, IL depot; Forrest, IL depot; McDowell, IL depot; Pontiac, IL depot; Rowe, IL depot; Cornell, IL depot; Sante Fe tower at Wabash crossing in Streator, IL; various ten-wheelers at Streator, IL; Streator depot; Mogul #859 at Forrest, IL; side door caboose #2227 at Forrest, IL; Maps: Streator Branch track charts.
B&W reprint

No. 21
Restoration of Wabash Caboose #2847, by Vance Lischer, Jr., details Vance's search for, acquisition of and exterior restoration of an ex-Wabash caboose to ca. 1963-era. The Basement Wabash. Overland Models: cabooses; photos of #2847.
B&W reprint
No. 22 (summer 1992)
An issue dealing exclusively with Wabash E-7 and E-8 units, with main article by Dr. George C. Drake, Jr. The Basement Wabash; A Roundhouse Foreman's View of Wabash E Units, by George C. Drake, Sr.; dwgs: E-unit paint scheme, EMD class D-20, EA-7 D-40, EA-7 D-20, E8-A D-22; photos: E8 #1009 at Vandeventer Yd. (color), first Wabash passenger diesel on City of Kansas City, unit #1000, 3 E7s (A-B-A) with a Union Pacific B unit, Atlantic 602, J-1 #672, J-2 #699, Mike 4-6-4 #700, E8 #1009, E7 #1002, #703, Bluebird w/E7 #1002, E7 #1002 & #1001, PA-1 #1020A in Decatur, IL, E8 #1003, #1006, E7 #1007, E8 #1000, #1008, #1004 derailment, E8s #1003 & #1013 at Vandeventer, E8s #1010, #1004, #1011, #1012, #1014, #1015, E7 #1017, ex-Wabash #1008 & #1015 (N&W #3808 & #3815), #1002 & #1002A, E7 #1016 at Kansas City; tables: passenger diesels placed in service, table of Wabash engine classes/types.
B&W reprint

No. 23 (summer 1993)
Wabash Interlocking Towers by Dr. George C. Drake, Jr.; Wabash Railroad Telegraph Call Letters by Gary Roe & Wes Stead, OJ Tower, MI; Winston Tower, IL; crash at Winston Tower; Wabash-GM&O crossing in Jacksonville, IL; DeCamp Tower; Milan Tower, MI; Page Ave. Tower, MO; Mansfield, IL; Lotus, IL, ILES Tower, Springfield, IL; Mercer Tower, Decatur, IL; Santa Fe Tower, Streator, IL; Lodge, IL; Gibson City, IL; Romulus, MI; Le Claire Tower, Edwardsville, IL; Cecil, OH; Manhattan, IL; Block 222 at North Kansas City; Drawings: tower at Milan, MI; semaphore blades and signals; Reprint of Wabash crossings and junctions for Decatur and Moberly Divisions.
B&W reprint
No. 23 (winter 1993)
Coal on the Wabash by Mark E. Vaughan; scatter tags. Wabash coal cars; dwgs: 36000, 37000, 39000 series cars; charts: Illinois coal tonnage, Wabash coal tonnage, Wabash on-line coal mines; dwgs: coal cars #35000 - #35999, #37000 - #37799, #36800 - #36824, #39000 - #39399; maps: track maps of coal facilities; photos: old coal shaft, Taylorville, IL; Taylor English Coal Co. Mine; Mark Twain coal loading facility; mine shafts at Martinsburg, MO; Pershing Mine 1950-track and tipple, truck; Taylorville, IL mine area; Panther Creek Mine #3, Springfield, IL; stock certificate; various coal company logos; coaling at Peru, IN; Wabash coal cars #30001, #31000, #35037, #35599, #74050, #34313, #39187, #30974, #39152, #37153, #37093, #37584, #36006, #38150; Anderson Grain hoppers; P-1 #700 working a coal drag at Taylorville.
B&W reprint

No. 24 (1994)
Wabash Cabooses by Dr. George C. Drake, Jr.. B&W photos & information on cabooses #2042, #2109, #2229, #2319, #2528, #2100, #2543, #2619, #2649, #2608 (N&W 562608), #2667, #2700, N&W #562700, #2711, #2717, #2753, #2723, #2722, #2722 (N&W 562722), #2799, #2805, #2857, #2822, #2827, #2823, #2808, #2832, #2778; Drawing of the #2770-2849 series, paint scheme table, graphic of Wabash caboose types, table of caboose data.
B&W reprint

No. 25 (1994)
Wabash Transfer Cabooses, by Dr. George C. Drake, Jr.; Photos of transfer cabooses #02216, #80048, #02236, #02490, #02208, #02209, #02202, #02205, #02300, #02230, and #02551, along with wood cabooses #2601 and #2602, steel cabooses #2743, #2825, #2806, #2774 are also published in this Banner. Additionally, two rare photos of the Pennsy 44-ton locomotives, used on the Bluffs-Keokuk Branch after the Wabash Moguls were retired, are included.
B&W reprint
No. 26/27 (1995)
The Wabash Blue Bird, by James R. Holmes. History, route, consist, diagrams and pictures of the streamlined Blue Bird passenger train. B&W photos and floor plan schematics are included. A short article entitled Random Notes on the Blue Bird, by Chet French, closes out the issue. 
No. 28/29 (1995)
Once Along the Wabash: Fantastic John Barriger photographs (from Joe Collias' collection), traveling westward from Detroit to Decatur to Brunswick, Missouri. Rare trackside views of the Wabash right-of-way (including shots of depots, interlocking towers, coaling towers, etc.) are included within this issue.
No. 30 (winter 1996)
American Refrigerator Transit issue. ART 1950's-era Painting Variations, by Charlie Duckworth. Data Files 1 and 2 are included, and rounding out the issue are nine B&W photos of Wabash steam action around the St. Louis area, taken by Neal Fink in 1948.
No. 31 (spring 1996)
GP-35 issue. Modeling a GP35 and The Wabash GP35's, both by noted modeler Terry Cook, are the primary articles in this issue. B&W prototype and model photos are included. A short article by Dr. George Drake, Jr. entitled American Refrigerator Transit Company - Ice Service Only Cars, with several B&W photos, finishes the ART story. Data Files 3 and 4 are included with the issue.
No. 32 (fall 1996)
Head-end Equipment on the Wabash issue. Dr. George Drake, Jr. wrote the main article detailing the Wabash's full baggage, baggage-mail, baggage-combine and storage express head-end cars. The issue contains numerous B&W photos of these important, yet oft-unnoticed types of cars. Data File 5 was also included in this issue.
No. 33 (winter 1997)
A multi-subject issue. Its main article, One Day at Hamilton, IL by Van McCullough, details the official AND unofficial versions of an "incident" with Wabash #573 on 6/7/52; Photos: Tilton Yard (IL) facilities; Wabash employees at Montpelier, OH in 1957; the first Road Runner train at St. Louis, Wab. No. 10 depressed-center flatcar and line diagram of this car; K-1 #2423 and "rider car" at Marshfield, IN; live-steam model of steam engine #602; piggyback unloading operations at E. St. Louis; Decatur Car Shops showing troop kitchen car #5750 and repainted automobile car #47881; Moberly Yard photo taken from the yard tower, showing coal tower, locomotives, cabooses and the westbound City of Kansas City train set.

No. 34 (spring 1997)
Another multi-subject issue: A tribute to our longtime editor, the late Dr. George Drake, Jr.; misc. letters; photos: Milan crossing, tower, station (1980), #688 J-2 at Decatur, #1000 E-8 at Decatur, #2902 O-1 at Decatur, #145 53’ 6" flat car with #73 32’ flatbed trailer on board; lithograph reprints from 1885 Wabash calendars; Wabash advertisement from 1903.

No. 35 (summer 1997)
Painting issue; Lettering for bridge signs; Painting Wabash models; More than just diesels; Standard diagram of the Wabash flag for windows; Wabash Railroad Paint Folio chart; WRHS Data Files 6 and 7.
No. 36 (winter 1998)
Tenth District Helpers, by Van McCullough chronicles the use of double-headed consists in the Illinois River valley during the steam era; Tonnage rating Chart; photos: Baylis, Valley City, #2459 K-1 2-8-2, #2711 K-4b 2-8-2, #2420 K-1 2-8-2, #2702 K-4b 2-8-2, #2708 K-4b 2-8-2.

No. 37/38 (spring/summer 1998)
City of Kansas City issue. A double-issue showcasing this historic streamlined passenger train. The history, the route, the consist, and lots of B&W prototype and action images.
B&W reprint No. 39/40 (winter/spring 1999)
The Columbia Branch, by Gary Roe. Origin of the branch, the facilities, the shippers, the equipment, the operations, Columbia Station. Lots of photos, which include Bridge #671 at Centralia, Columbia and Hallsville stations, yards, equipment. Wabash station maps and Sanborn Fire map reprints of Columbia & Hallsville; copies of employee timetables for the branch; back cover is a color image reprint of the 1957 special public timetable for the branch ("College Town U.S.A.").

No. 41 (summer 1999)
The St. Charles Bridges, by James Holzmeier. Features both bridges, their development and construction, as well as the bridge's predecessor: the car ferry crossing the Missouri River. Photos include vintage images of both bridges, their construction & demolition; wrecks on the bridge; Pres. Roosevelt's special extra train at Ferguson after crossing the new 1936 bridge; the first train over the new bridge; and photos of the New St. Charles Bridge inspection train locomotive J-1 672 and attached Business Car No. 400.  
No. 42 (winter 2000)
Precast Concrete Stations issue. Issue describes how the stations were built, where they were built. Includes photos and diagrams; How to model these precast concrete stations, by Stan Rydarowicz.
No. 43/44 (spring/summer 2000)
The Wabash in Canada - The Buffalo Division, by Wes Dengate. Overview, timetable, Chatham Subdivision, Cayuga Subdivision, maps and equipment photos.
No. 45 (winter 2001)
TOFC facilities. Maps of the 21 major ramps on the Wabash, provided by Mark E. Vaughan. Photos of flatbed trailer #59, 40' reefer vans #1004 and #1010.
B&W reprint
No. 46/47 (spring/summer 2001)
The Wabash in Chicago, with articles by Jim Holmes and James Holzmeier. Examines the facilities of the Wabash Railroad in the Chicagoland area. Explores how the Wabash reached Chicago from central Illinois and from Indiana, the history of Landers Yard along with the details on how the yard was modernized to meet the Wabash’s needs for the 60’s, and Wabash’s 47th St. freight transfer facilities built in the later 1950’s. Also memories of train-watching near Landers Yard in the mid-60’s, by Bob Fiedler. Photos include Landers Yard facilities and 47th St. facilities. The centerspread of this issue is a map of Landers Yard; also included is a station map of the 47th St facilities.
No. 48/49 (winter/spring 2002)
The Wabash in Canada - Parts 2 & 3 by Wes Dengate. A continuation of Part 1 of Wes' story of the Wabash's Canadian operations. Part 2 explores the relationship of the Wabash RR and the Grand Trunk & Canadian National RRs. Part 3 takes a look at the motive power and operations on the Buffalo Division in the 1940s. The issue also includes a tribute to George C. Drake, Sr. Includes corrections to The Wabash in Canada - Part 1 issue. Photos include Wabash F7s and SW1 #103 at Windsor, snowplow #3700, Mikado #2271 at St. Thomas, the St. Thomas terminal facilities, coaling facility at Aylmer, K-3 #2269 at Cayuga, K-1 #2458 at Windsor, combine #02551, F7 #1870 at St. Thomas, J-2 #1676 and G-1 #2022 at Simcoe, K-3 #2268 at Niagara Falls, K-3 #2270 at St. Thomas and Wabash switcher #51. Features Chatham, Cayuga and Welland timetables and tonnage ratings.
No. 50 (summer 2002)
Interior Restoration of Wabash Caboose #2847, by Vance Lischer. This article takes you through the investigation and discovery process used by Vance as he carried out the interior restoration of his Wabash Railroad caboose #2847. Several B&W and color photos of the restoration are included with the article. Also in this issue is a short essay by James Holzmeier about the history of Wabash Mogul #573, which is still in storage at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, MO.
No. 51 (winter 2003)
Wabash Memories. Four anecdotal stories by three individuals who experienced the Wabash RR firsthand. The first article shares Neal Fink's experiences as a young man in the St. Louis area. The second and third articles document Sanford "Sandy" Goodrick's ride on the NJI&I fan trip of 1949, and then his experiences riding 4th Dist. Mixed Train #52 in 1936. The fourth article is by Bob Vrooman who talks about a special meet near St. Thomas, Canada and Buffalo, NY. Photos include P-1 #703, Mikado #2417, B-7 0-6-0 #531, UP E6s on an early version of the City of St. Louis, and photos from a NJI&I excursion in 1949.
No. 52/53 (spring/summer 2003)
40th Anniversary of the End of Wabash Operations. This Banner issue, a ten-section double issue to close out the 2003 publication year, commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the leasing of the Wabash Railroad Company by the Norfolk & Western Railroad Company on October 16, 1964. The first article was taken from the 1973 issue of Norfolk & Western magazine and relates the story of the Wabash Railroad from its roots with the Northern Cross Railroad in Illinois in 1838 to the 2428-mile system it was in 1964. The next article by Jim Holmes explains the circumstances that led up to the October 1964 leasing of the Wabash Railroad and its ultimate merger into the Norfolk Southern system in the 1990s. Four articles were selected from the original Wabash Railroad publication, The Banner, for the year 1964 and reprinted word for word and in the same style and formatting of the original issues. Also included is a chart that shows at a glance the major components that eventually made up the Wabash system and their years of existence. Also featured are two tables of information as of 2004 about Wabash right-of-way still in existence and Wabash equipment and structures that have been preserved. Following is James Tilton's article detailing where some of the towns and timetable names came from in What’s in a Name Along the Wabash. Winding up this issue are tables listing Wabash Station Numbers for Transportation Purposes originally issued in 1964, sorted first by number and then alphabetically. At the centerfold is a historic timeline of Wabash railroad milestones from the Northern Cross until the company’s demise.
No. 54 (winter 2004)
Wabashing Through Litchfield, IL / Modeling the St. Louis and Hannibal Railroad issue. First up is an article from Joe Collias written about his days watching and photographing trains in Litchfield and includes almost a dozen of his photos. Neil Fink's contribution as our first model layout write-up. The basis of the layout is the St. Louis & Hannibal Railroad. The StL&H actually was in operation from 1882 until its abandonment in 1962. It consisted of 104 route miles from Hannibal to Gilmore, MO and connected with the Wabash Railroad at both ends.
B&W reprint No. 55/56 (spring/summer 2004)
A multi-article issue. First up is an entertaining story written by Walt Evans regarding a 1954 railfan trip from Bluffs, IL to Keokuk, IA, on the Wabash 11th District. Finis for Philo by Glen Brewer describes a 1962 Wabash wreck that destroyed the depot in Philo, IL. Kit Conversion: Wabash Panel Hoppers from Athearn Kits is a reprint of Stan Rydarowicz's article originally published in the February 2005 issue of Rail Model Journal. Our main article, though, is an expose´ of the New Jersey, Indiana & Illinois Railroad by Dan Lawecki; an update of his original 1979 articles on the same subject. Explores the NJI&I’s history and operations before its loss of identity in the 1982 formation of Norfolk Southern. Two additional short articles close this issue, one anecdotal about the NJI&I by Dan, and the other a brief presentation by Tom McKee about the Studebaker Corporation and the rail service provided to it by the NJI&I. Photos and maps are included in this issue.
No. 57/58/59 (2005)
A triple-issue with several articles contained therein. The main article, by Rick Morgan, is entitled The Wabash Railroad's Omaha Line, a 227-mile route that passed through the remote parts of northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa to reach Omaha, NE and an extremely vital connection with the Union Pacific Railroad. Based on an article by Steve Holding, Dale Jenkins & Ray Reed, first published in the Illinois Traction Flyer, we examine The Victory Special: the IT and the Sangamon Ordnance Plant. It details the construction, operation and demise of the U.S. Ordnance Plant located just west of Illiopolis, Illinois. Wabash Freight Traffic in Northwest Ohio in the 1950s by Allen P. Rueter, details traffic predominantly in the Toledo area. In The Backyard Wabash: Trainmaster #550, Ken Davis & Dave Berndt tell us about a gentleman in Decatur whose hobby is modeling the Wabash 7½ gauge!
No. 60/61/62 (2006)
Our groundbreaking Signaling issue, a triple-issue containing a large amount of information about this subject. The issue consists of two articles: Signaling 101: an introduction to railroad signaling by Jim Holmes; and Signaling on the Wabash, in which he discusses how the railroad did their signaling, with input from Jim Tilton & Jim Sinclair, both of whom were longtime Wabash/N&W signalmen.

This issue contains many photographs, diagrams and graphics. 
No. 63/64/65 (2007)
This triple-issue consists of seven articles: Jim Holmes tells us about Iles Tower, which protected the crossing of the Chicago & Alton (GM&O) and Wabash RR on at the southwest side of Springfield IL. Jim also gives us a visual look, via maps and data, at the locations of the industries the Wabash served in the St. Louis area, ca. 1956. Brad Friese then gives us a tour of The Wabash 8th District, at times known as the Effingham, Stewardson and Sullivan Branch. Dr. Wm. A. Warren provides a follow-up article about the 18th and 19th Districts in The Trains that Served the Wabash Line to Omaha. Larry Lett shares some of his stories of growing up with and working for the Wabash and its successors by authoring Confessions of a Wabash Telegrapher. In The Wabash-Pittsburgh Terminal Railway, James Holzmeier & Jim Holmes provide a brief history of this historic line and what it cost the Wabash to enter Pittsburgh in the early 1900's. This issue closes with the Backyard Wabash Part 2, featuring scratch-built 1 1/2“ scale Wabash #700 4-8-4.
No. 66/67 (2008)
The primary focus of this double issue is an article on Wabash and Ann Arbor Open Top Hopper Cars by Mark E. Vaughan. The article is a follow-up to his popular 1993 Banner article entitled “Coal on the Wabash." Followed by a reprint of Stan Rydarowicz’s article entitled Wabash Parlor Cars in HO Scale from Rivarossi Models, first published in the October 2003 issue of Rail Model Journal.
No. 68/69       (2009)
Victor Baird, with background from Clarence Montgomery and James Tilton, both ex-Wabash employees, tells the fascinating story of The Gary Local: The Last Mixed Train in Indiana. Rarely-seen photos and maps are included in this issue.
No. 70
Freight Houses and LCL Don't Get No Respect, a comprehensive article about these subjects by Mark E. Vaughan; Yard layouts: Chicago 47th St., Fort Wayne, Peru; Schedules; Loading diagrams; Routes
No. 71
A miscellaneous-subject issue, it contains the articles Wabash's Last New Train by James Holzmeier, More Wabash Anecdotes by the late Neal Fink, the Calumet Local (Landers to Gary) and The Gary Switch Runs by Allen P. Rueter.
No. 72
This issue deals exclusively with Derailments and Collisions on the Wabash. Dr. Wm. Warren fills us in on the Wreck of the #2202 at Robertson, Missouri in 1949, with both B&W and color photos of the wreck site; Wabash Wreck near Mineola, Iowa provides details from the ICC Accident Report on this 1928 incident; and a detailed report on the wreck of Train No. 4 at Attica, Indiana in 1914. 

No. 73
This issue covers System Improvements from 1896 to 1963, bridges, coaling towers, facilities, etc. 

No. 74

If you see the words B&W reprint above the image, it means that while the original issue is either Sold Out or Out Of Print, a reprint is available from the General Storekeeper. Send him an Email and he will get back in touch with you regarding the price(s) for any reprints.  Please note that although our back issues are scanned at 300dpi, this is no guarantee that the quality of images, maps, etc. will be equal to or greater than the ones in the original publication. However, the data contained in the issue remains unaffected. 

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The Wabash Modeler

No. 1 2008 (mailed 2010)
Our initial effort in publishing a modeling-specific magazine. HO F-4 2-6-0 from Kemtron Kit, by Rob Adams; Wabash Standard Plan 215 (scrap bin) in N/HO, w/prototype photos; Compelling Products: N/HO/O scales; Book review of "Wabash in Color Vol. 2" by Michael C. Kelly; A lengthy article by Rob Adams about the Wabash 2-bay 1958 cu. ft. Covered Hoppers (HO/N/O), with specs, painting/stenciling diagrams and prototype & model photos; Modeling N Scale Wabash Diesels by Gary Roe, with B&W/color prototype & model photos as well as a Quick Reference Guide to the makers of models in this scale.
No. 2 2009 (mailed 2010)
Modeling the Phase II-L Train Master, by Nicholas Mantia; The Wabash Train Masters history article by Rob Adams & Gary Roe, w/prototype photos; A Visit to Milan, MI by Rob Adams, with photos; Milan's watchman tower plans & photos; Montpelier Division Time Table No. 43 - 3rd; Modeling Wabash Standard Plan 3497 (rail rest) in N/HO; Compelling Products: book review of "Follow the Flag - A History of the Wabash Railroad" by Prof. H. Roger Grant

No. 3 2010 (mailed 2012)
18000-18024 and 19000-19124 series 50-foot Automobile Box Cars, by Rob Adams, contains color/B&W prototype photos, painting & stenciling diagrams and info, and model maker information; TWM Rewind: Wabash Standard Rail Rest, with a B&W prototype photo of same (not included in the previous article); a lengthy article by Gary Roe on Modeling the Wabash Standard Automobile Platform (N/HO/O), containing color photos of his models and the Standard Plan dwg. of same; Wabash Painting-Stenciling Standard Plan for the Wabash flag from 1948 dwg., Wabash Painting-Stenciling Plan for Standard Brake Cylinders/Aux. Reservoirs 1907-1959 dwg., Modeling the 19000-19124 series Box Cars by Pierre Oliver of Elgin Car Shops, includes color photos of his HO scale model. Compelling Products: N/HO decals for Wabash's Airslide covered hoppers, HO/O scale caboose models, book review of "Wabash/Nickel Plate/DT&I Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment" by Jim Kinkaid.

No. 4 2011 (mailed yyyy)
title4, content

If you see the words B&W reprint above the image, it means that while the original issue is either Sold Out or Out Of Print, a reprint is available from the General Storekeeper. Send him an Email and he will get back in touch with you regarding the price(s) for any reprints.  Please note that although our back issues are scanned at 300dpi, this is no guarantee that the quality of images, maps, etc. will be equal to or greater than the ones in the original publication. However, the data contained in the issue remains unaffected. 

If a particular issue has no wording above the image, it is still available as an original, complete back issue from the WRHS Store. 

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WRHS calendars

B&W reprint 1983-1995

B&W reprint
1988 Cover: Banner Blue E-8 at Vandeventer 1956
Jan: K-4b 2707 at Litchfield, IL
Feb: NW 714? at Ft. Wayne, IN
Mar: 670 at Columbia, MO 1953
Apr: Caboose 2700 near Chicago
May: Depot at Moravia, IA 1957
Jun: J-2 684 at Oak Lawn, IL 1948
Jul: Cafe Parlor 1509 at Logansport, IN 1947
Aug: K-1 2404 at Wabash, IN 1947
Sep: 4-4-0 256 in 1931
Oct: 1000(2), 1052 at Decatur, IL 1960s
Nov: Tender Behind O-1 2922, B-7 545
Dec: Cairo, MO depot, 1910
B&W reprint
1989 Cover: 1141A at New Paris, IN
Jan: B-8 488 at Moberly, MO 1933
Feb: LO 33044 at Moberly
Mar: S-1 2 at Montpelier, OH 1965
Apr: Baggage Car 368 "Banner Route"
May: O-1 2912 at Decatur
Jun: J-2 683 at Jacksonville, IL (late 1940s)
Jul: K-4b 2719 at Decatur, 1948
Aug: GP-7 450 at Ft. Wayne, 1964
Sep: Caboose 2805 in 1965
Oct: Freight Station at Decatur (early 1950s)
Nov: 4-6-0 717 at St. Louis
Dec: G-1 2087 at North Kansas City, MO 1939
B&W reprint
1990 Cover: M-1 2821 at Decatur
Jan: VO 304 at Decatur (cab-less)
Feb: GP-7 462 at Chicago 75th St, 1965
Mar: PA-1 1021A at Chicago (late 50s)
Apr: F-7 1180
May: C-3 1535 at Decatur
Jun: K-1 2453 at Decatur,rear view
Jul: FA-2 821
Aug: Caboose 2667 at Taylorville, IL 1948
Sep: Caboose 2759 at North Kansas City (early 1960s)
Oct: 587 at Bluffs, IL 1953
Nov: K-4b 2718 at Hannibal, MO (late 1940s)
Dec: P-1 700 at Decatur, 1950
B&W reprint
1991 Cover: O-1 2901, 1943
Jan: 602 at Chicago, 1940
Feb: O-1 2923 at Brooklyn, IL (late 1940s)
Mar: GP-7 457 at Moberly, 1953
Apr: K-3b 2278 at Decatur (late 1940s)
May: Brick station at Maryville, MO (post-merger)
Jun: WABIC Tower at Decatur (late 1930s)
Jul: I-3 2308 at Decatur 1939
Aug: 1102 at the new Decatur diesel shop
Sep: 671 and 2904 at Peru (late 1940s)
Oct: K-4 2725 at Litchfield, IL 1940
Nov: F7A 708 at Montpelier, OH 1963
Dec: 608 at Granite City, IL 1939
B&W reprint
1992 Cover: Passenger diesel power line-up at Decatur, IL
Jan: P-1 705 at Litchfield takes water
Feb: wood caboose 2649 at Decatur (late 1930s)
Mar: Bement 1948, water & coal towers, station
Apr: 705 storage-express (1960s)
May: K-3 2261 at St. Thomas, ON
Jun: E-8 1012 at Moberly 1964
Jul: O-1 2918 at Peru, IN (late 1940s) overhead view
Aug: 47881 and other freight cars after WWII
Sep: K-1 2420 at Bluffs
Oct: J-1 660 at Decatur
Nov: Piggy back loading at St. Louis
Dec: B-7 534 at Decatur 1948
B&W reprint
1993 Cover: Steam passenger power at Danville, IL station
Jan: 302 at Montpelier, 1965
Feb: M-1 2806 builders photo
Mar: 969 at Peru, wood express reefer, 1940
Apr: F-7 1149 at Des Moines, IA
May: J-1 664 at Logansport, 1947
Jun: Caboose 2702 at Chicago, 1967
Jul: L-1 2515 at Landers Yard (Chicago)
Aug: E-8 1004 at Decatur, 1955
Sep: B-7 556 at North Kansas City, 1948
Oct: GP-7 479 at Des Moines, 1959
Nov: O-1 2900 at Brooklyn Yd.
Dec: G-1 2074 at Decatur, 1938
B&W reprint
1994 Cover: P-1 706, 1948
Jan: 540 at St. Louis
Feb: M-1 2810 at Chicago
Mar: O-1 2901 at Brooklyn Yard
Apr: ex-Wabash L-1 as C&O 4002
May: ex-Wabash L-1 as C&EI 4000
Jun: P-1 703 at St. Louis, 1946
Jul: K-1 2420 at Bluffs
Aug: M-1 2812
Sep: 533 at St. Louis, 1936
Oct: F-4 569 at Bluffs
Nov: J-2 696 at Vandeventer (StL)
Dec: M-1 2822
B&W reprint
1995 Cover: 660 + O-1 at Peru, 1949
Jan: J-2 687 at Decatur, 1937
Feb: K-2 2215 at Moberly, 1947
Mar: C-3 1539 at Peru, 1947
Apr: K-1 2449 at Peru, 1953
May: E-4 602 at Peru, 1947
Jun: O-1 2923 at Peru, 1947
Jul: F-4 573 at Bluffs, IL, 1947
Aug: B-6 524 at Peru
Sep: K-4 2700 at Moberly, 1947
Oct: B-7 539 at Peru, 1948
Nov: P-1 704 at Peru, 1947
Dec: G-1 2075 at Moberly, 1947
1996 Cover: 665 and 2904 at Decatur, 1950
Jan: 1535 at Decatur
Feb: M-1 2821 at Decatur
Mar: Conductor Elmer Rose + Cannonball at WABIC Twr.
Apr: J-1 660 at Decatur
May: K-1 2421 at Taylorville
Jun: 665 SB Banner Blue at Litchfield IL, 1947
Jul: O-1 2912 at Decatur, 1946
Aug: P-1 705 at Decatur
Sep: E-7 1001 northbound Blue Bird at Decatur, 1951
Oct: 551+550 at Litchfield, 1955
Nov: E8A 1014 City of St. Louis at Centralia, MO, 1953
Dec: O-1 2911 southbound at Harvel, IL, 1952
B&W reprint
1997 Cover: O-1 2924 at Lafayette Jct., 1941
Jan: E-7 1001 at Vandeventer (St. Louis), 1948
Feb: Obs car Helena Modjeska (pre-City of Lafayette) Decatur, 1947
Mar: C-1 1501 at Decatur, 1940
Apr: P-1 703, 1947
May: Wabash billboard at Vandeventer Ave., St. Louis
Jun: FA-1 at Decatur, 1949
Jul: P-1 702 at Decatur, 1947
Aug: J 693, 1947
Sep: J-1 672 at Vandeventer, 1948
Oct: K-4b 2700 at Moberly, 1947
Nov: PA-1 1020A on Cannonball
Dec: City of Kansas City heavyweight, 1947
1998 Cover: J-2 684 and 697 at St. Charles
Jan: K-3b 2275 west of St. Louis, 1949
Feb: P-1 701 west of St. Louis, 1949
Mar: J-1 669 at Granite City, IL on the Blue Bird
Apr: M-1 2823 #91 east of Mitchell
May: O-1 2919 + 2915 at Litchfield, 1951
Jun: K-1 2417 at Mitchell, IL
Jul: M-1 2824 at Mitchell
Aug: 573 at Bluffs, 1953
Sep: 614 at Mitchell, 1940
Oct: O-1 2916 at Mitchell, 1952
Nov: K-4b 2719 at Litchfield, 1949
Dec: P-1 706 + F7 at Bluffs, 1952
1999 Cover: J-1 675 southbound Banner Blue at Decatur
Jan: M-1 2817 at Decatur
Feb: K-2 2217 at Luther Yard, St. Louis MO
Mar: J-1 667 at Litchfield, IL
Apr: K-1 2420 at Decatur
May: E8A 1008 Banner Blue at Vandeventer (St. Louis)
Jun: O-1 2920 at Decatur
Jul: M-1 2824 at Decatur
Aug: J-1 675 at Springfield
Sep: K-1 2428 at Springfield
Oct: E7A 1002 westbound City of St. Louis at Vandeventer
Nov: M-1 2818 at Decatur
Dec: P-1 704 NB Blue Bird at Decatur, early 1950s
2000 Cover: J-1 688+J-1 southbound Special at Decatur
Jan: U25B 509+GP35 546+C424+B903+Trainmaster 597 lashup eastbound at East Hannibal, IL 1964
Feb: City of Wabash observation car, 1959
Mar: U25B 500 WB at Iles Twr. (Springfield, IL), 1964
Apr: 486+485 Special to South Bend, 1959
May: Lima 411 at North Kansas City
Jun: Gas-electric 4001 at Springfield, 1951
Jul: PA-1 1020A Cannonball at Decatur, 1961
Aug: FM-24-66 554A at Hull, IL
Sep: F7 1180A +FA1 at Ft. Wayne, IN
Oct: FA2 821+GP-7 at Illiopolis, IL, 1964
Nov: J-1 667 at Decatur
Dec: E7A 1001 City of St. Louis at St. Louis, MO
2001 Cover: J-1 674 departing St. Louis, MO
Jan: E8A 1005 SB at Decatur, IL
Feb: K-1 2449 at Granite City, IL
Mar: GP7 452 at Decatur
Apr: Cabooses 2504 & 2614
May: 4-4-0 656 at Ft. Wayne, 1928
Jun: City of Kansas City WB at Carrollton MO (color)
Jul: Parlor-Obs 1600 City of KC at WB Jct, MO (color)
Aug: Ann Arbor RS-1 21 at Owosso, MI, 1956
Sep: J-2 697, J-1 674, K-3b 2278
Oct: Yard Office trailer at Buffalo, NY (color)
Nov: FA1 set 1203 at Decatur
Dec: P-1 703 in freight service
2002 Cover: E-2 624 at Centralia, MO, 1913
Jan: SW8 131 at Landers Yard (Chicago), 1962
Feb: O-1 2920 at Mitchell, IL, 1952
Mar: H-12-44 385 at Decatur Yard, 1965
Apr: Queen City, MO depot, 1910
May: 669 & 1525 at Decatur Engine Facility, 1952
Jun: 126 Derailment at Council Bluffs Bridge, 1959 (color)
Jul: Fort Wayne station, 1972 (color)
Aug: F7As 1104A+B+1104 at Brunswick, MO
Sep: J-1 665 at Chicago, 1947
Oct: Caboose Track at Moberly MO (color)
Nov: Motor Car 4001 & 536 at Hannibal Turntable
Dec: Cairo, MO depot, 1910
B&W reprint
2003 Cover: D-29 422
Jan: 2915 at Sangamon, IL 1941
Feb: Bridge construction Ft. Wayne about 1911
Mar: F7A 1189 at Monticello Railway Museum (color)
Apr: 490 at Des Moines Union Railway (Iowa), 1960
May: 2518 at Luther Yard (St. Louis)
Jun: Wabash Piggy-Back Trailer, 1955 (color)
Jul: Wabash Bi-Level auto rack, 1962 (color)
Aug: Ann Arbor 51 at Durand MI, 1956
Sep: 454 GP7 at Ft. Wayne Station, 1954
Oct: WRHS caboose 2834 at the Monticello Ry. Museum
Nov: Depot at Coin, IA 1953
Dec: L-1 2507 at Mansfield, IL 1946
2004 Cover: K-4 2737 at North Kansas City, 1950
Jan: 665 on POW train
Feb: Dome-Coach 203
Mar: H-24-66 557
Apr: F-4 576 + 587 at Carthage, IL passing depot
May: P-1 Hudson locomotive at Salisbury, MO
Jun: Pig trailer 352, late 1950s
Jul: PA1 1020+1020A
Aug: Wabash depot at Sublette, MO early 1900s
Sep: P-1 700 rear view
Oct: SW8 123 pulling PCC cars near Delmar Stn
Nov: F7A 1183A+1183 at Decatur, 1952
Dec: City of St. Louis inaugural run at Moberly
2005 Cover: F-5 754
Jan: K-3 2261 at Chatham, ONT, 1947
Feb: J-1 661 at Logansport, 1947
Mar: Car Ferry Windsor at Windsor, 1964 (color)
Apr: B-7 555 at Delray, MI "Union Belt", 1951
May: K-2 2204 at Des Moines, 1949
Jun: M-1 2813 1930 (color)
Jul: P-1 705 at Decatur (color)
Aug: J-1 664 at Detroit, 1947
Sep: F-4 569 at Bluffs, 1953
Oct: Car Ferry Manitowoc, 1964 (Color)
Nov: B-7 531 at Wabic Tower (Decatur), 1938
Dec: G-1 2069 at East Switch Council Bluffs, 1950
2006 Cover: P-1 700 at Vandeventer Yard, St. Louis MO, 1947
Jan: Embassy on WB Cannonball at Logansport, 1950
Feb: L-1 2503 at Chicago, 1946
Mar: HH660 100 at Ft. Wayne, 1947
Apr: 2550 Caboose at St. Thomas, ONT
May: K-5 2600, 1938
Jun: 407 at North Kansas City, 1965
Jul: ART 91301/Royal 1957
Aug: 365 at Englewood Station (Chicago), 1911
Sep: GP7 463 at Kirksville, MO, 1953
Oct: Wabash/MILW freight house in Des Moines, early 60s
Nov: B-7 562 at St Louis Produce Market, 1940
Dec: 1181A +GP9+F7 at Decatur, 1959
2007 Cover: 2428 at Wabash, Indiana
Jan: Banner Blue at Lake Decatur, 1954
Feb: K-4b 2718 at Litchfield, 1951
Mar: Woodland Depot (St. Louis Luther Line) 1885
Apr: P-1 706 at St. Louis Union Station
May: J-1 660 at Fort Wayne, 1936
Jun: Supply Car 3103 at St. Louis, 1949
Jul: Ann Arbor FA2 55 at Owosso, MI, 1957
Aug: K-3 2259 at Toledo, 1960
Sep: J-1 662 at Lafayette, IN (Cannonball), 1949
Oct: Montpelier Yard 1960
Nov: E8A 1004 at Forrest IL, 1951
Dec: K-4 2735 at Taylorville, IL, 1950
2008 Cover: Inglesyde station (St. Louis ) ca. 1885
Jan: GP9 487+489 mail train at Council Bluffs, IA
Feb: E-4 606 near Mitchell, IL 1941
Mar: J-2 683 Special at St. Louis 1939
Apr: 1428 Deluxe Chair car
May: GP7 474 at Dearborn Station
Jun: P-1 704 at Lafayette Junction, IN 1946
Jul: E-3 614 at Monticello, IL 1925
Aug: J-2 689 at Fort St. Union Station, Detroit
Sep: 1570 Cafe/Lounge, 1966
Oct: P-1 702 Detroit Limited at Delray
Nov: PA-1 on Limited 1956
Dec: 653, 1925
2009 Cov: E-3 622 at Chicago, 1938
Jan: J-1 673 at Decatur, 1938
Feb: GP9 488 at St. Louis Union Station, 1958
Mar: K-2 2202 at Des Moines, 1947
Apr: F7A 1173A+1173 at Delray, MI, 1952
May: B-7 537 at Delray, MI, 1950
Jun: S1 NJI&I 1 at South Bend, IN, 1957
Jul: K-3 2261 at Chatham, ONT, 1947
Aug: Ann Arbor FA2 51 at Durand, MI, 1956
Sep: M-1 2812 at North Kansas City, 1949
Oct: 400 at North Kansas City, 1963
Nov: E-4 602 at Chicago, 1937
Dec: PA-1 1021 at St. Louis, 1958
2010 Cov: F-1 #16
Jan: The "Long Local" at Forrest, IL Jan. 1959
Feb: NJI&I 192 at St. Louis, 1963
Mar: 1180A+552A+1180 at NKC Feb. 1959
Apr: Edwardsville, IL Depot, 1969
May: Bridge over Schaefer Rd, Detroit
Jun: F-4 576 on Keokuk branch
Jul: Wreck crane 3186 at derailment, 1943
Aug: E7 1000, 1949
Sep: Wabash 16600 stock car
Oct: M&LS depot at Shingleton, MI (Upper Peninsula)
Nov: J-1 662 at Ft. Wayne
Dec: F7 A-B-A eastbound at Tolono, IL
2011 Cov: Transfer Caboose 02200 (color)
Jan: GP35 544+c424+GP35 (color)
Feb: Pullman Salt Lake City with Detroit-St. Louis Limited tail sign
Mar: Ann Arbor E-5 Atlantic 1611, 1950
Apr: Lima-Hamilton 402 at Kansas City, 1962
May: GP7 476 near Delmar Station, 1962
Jun: City of Kansas City at Delmar Station (color)
Jul: P-1 700 at Vandeventer coaling tower
Aug: City of St. Louis, UP CD-07 at Moberly
Sep: 1108 A-B-A consist at WABIC Tower (Decatur)
Oct: O-1 2900 at Decatur 1933
Nov: E7s 1001-1017 at Roosevelt Rd, near Dearborn Station 1961 (color)
Dec: K-2 2210 at Des Moines Union Ry. facilities
2012 Cov: Carrollton Depot (color)
Jan: Litchfield Station (color)
Feb: St. Charles passenger station (North Missouri RR)
Mar: Wakarusa, IN depot
Apr: Vandeventer Ave. overpass and station
May: Cinder crane at Moberly
Jun: Barry, IL station (color)
Jul: St. Peters station, 1880
Aug: Decatur grade separation construction
Sep: Maple Ave grade separation (St. Louis)
Oct: Kirksville, MO station, 1893
Nov: Brooklyn, IL Coaling Tower (color)
Dec: Kirksville, MO Freight House
2013 Cover: E8 1015 at Decatur, Nov. 1963 (color)
Jan: WB Cannonball at Decatur, Dec. 1960 (color)
Feb: EB passenger extra at Wabash, IN ca. 1950
Mar: H-10 steam locomotive 714
Apr: Side-door caboose 2152 at Forrest, 1940
May: F7 A-A 1151-1151A at Albia, Jun. 1957
Jun: Kansas City Express at Delmar Station, 1947 (color)
Jul: I-2 steam locomotive 2160
Aug: Detroit Boat Yard, 1963
Sep: J-1 663 at Chicago, 1948
Oct: GP7 474 at Decatur
Nov:  S-2 316 at Detroit, 1964 (color)
Dec: K-1 2406 at W. Lafayette, IN
2014 Cover: Cab view from E7 at St. Louis Union Stn. (color)
Jan: EB Train No. 2 Detroit Limited at St. Louis (color)
Feb: The Rogers replica locomotive, unkn. location
Mar: Wab. flatcar 142 & piggyback trailer
Apr: J-2 683 at St. Louis Union Stn. w/extra psgr. train
May: B-7 559 at Decatur, 1938
Jun: E8 1008 at Decatur (color)
Jul: H-12 642 at Ft. Wayne, 1933
Aug: Wood work car 3251 at Peru, 1947
Sep: Gallatin, MO depot, 1920
Oct: SW-8 129 switching at Quincy, June 1964
Nov: PV Adolphus on rear of Blue Bird at St. Louis (color)
Dec: K-3b 2276 outside Chicago, unknown year
2015 Cover: (color) NJI&I ALCo S-1 switching cars, Sept. 1958
Jan: (color) Ann Arbor ALCo FA-2 A-A set 52/52A
Feb: Des Moines Union Ry. roundhouse & turntable, ca. 1950
Mar: NJI&I boxcar 192 at St. Louis, 1963
Apr: Ann Arbor K-7 2490 at Elberta, MI 1939
May: M&LS Ry. Baldwin I-9 2380 at Manistique, June 1937
Jun: (color) Ann Arbor carferry "Wabash" at Elberta, 1950's
Jul: NJI&I ALCo S-1 No. 1 at South Bend, IN, Nov. 1958
Aug: Ann Arbor psgr. train at Ann Arbor, MI, summer 1950
Sep: Ann Arbor E-5 1611 at Frankfort, MI, July 1950
Oct: Amer. Refrig. Transit reefer 30798
Nov: (color) M&LS caboose 8 at Manistique, 1966
Dec: Ann Arbor ALCo RS-1 21 at Owosso, MI 1956

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